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ICBC claims and Auto Injuries
Whiplash, muscle spasms and trauma can all cause a great deal of pain. We help to provide relief from the constant pain which will help you to get a  good night's sleep. We can even work along with your doctor and physiotherapist to aid in a speedier return to doing the things you love. Don't wait, contact us now. We also work with ICBC claims and reports.

Workplace Injuries
 If you were injured on the job and extended time off work is causing you to lose money. Whether on an individual basis or as part of a rehabilitation program, we can assist you in regaining your strength and mobility. Let us help you to rebuild your confidence and your independence so that you can return to work faster. 


Sports Injuries 
Massage Therapy has been shown in studies to be extremely beneficial in treating all types of soft-tissue injuries. Speed up your recovery and  maximize your results. We can customize your treatment plan help to  get you back in the game sooner.

DIRECT BILLING AVAILABLE for most Extended Health Providers.

Pacific Blue Cross, ManuLife, SunLife, Great West Life, Blue Cross Medavie, GreenShield, SSQ, MSP, ICBC and many others.

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