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RMT Massage - A customized blend of various therapeutic modalities performed by our highly-trained registered massage therapists (R.M.T.'s). Includes an orthopaedic and postural assessment and  is covered by most healthcare plans.   


Deep Tissue Massage - Deep, penetrating techniques to stimulate blood flow and provide lasting, effective relief from the pain associated with myofascial trigger points and postural dysfunction.    


Pregnancy Massage - Popular with expectant mothers who just want some relief from the many aches and pains which accompany them hand-in-hand on their trip to the delivery room. This treatment is also popular with new mothers as well as it helps them to recover from the stresses of labour and delivery.  


Sports Massage - Rejuvenate tired, aching muscles and get ready to take on your next big fitness challenge with our pre- and post-event sports massage.    

Seniors Massage - Age gracefully and strong with help from our new Seniors massage treatments. Utilizing gentle techniques to improve movement, circulation and proprioception in older individuals. Whether you have aging parents in a seniors' care facility or you yourself are over the age of 65 and living independently on your own. Let us help you to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle irrespective of your age.

RMT PRICING:                   30 mins       $70 + GST

                                                       45 mins       $95 + GST

                                                       60 mins       $120 + GST 

                                                       90 mins       $165+ GST 

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